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'2024 20th International WASBE Conference Gwangju-Gyeonggi' D-50... Artists' Interest Rises

The Gwangju Cultural Foundation has announced that the 2024 20th International WASBE Conference in Gwangju-Gyeonggi (hereinafter referred to as the "2024 WASBE") is just 50 days away, with increasing enthusiasm from artists in Seoul and the metropolitan area.

A foundation official stated in a phone interview with a "Sky Daily" reporter on the 3rd, "Over 700 domestic music industry professionals have made advance reservations for a promotional performance intended to publicize the 2024 WASBE, which will feature over 2000 musicians from more than 30 countries in July. This response exceeds expected attendance and demonstrates heightened interest in the 2024 WASBE.“

During the Wind Orchestra performance, seven pieces, including classical masterpieces by composers such as Rossini, Bizet, and Stravinsky, familiar to the general public, were arranged for wind instruments and performed over 1 hour and 30 minutes. The high-quality performance was met with enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Music industry professionals who attended the performance commented, "It's rare to have the opportunity to enjoy such high-level wind orchestra performances of classical masterpieces in Korea. This has raised our expectations for the 2024 WASBE in July, where world-class wind bands will perform.“

Regarding the significance of the pre-event performance held in Seoul, a WASBE operations official from the Gwangju Cultural Foundation said, "Considering that the majority of visitors to regional festivals or international events come from the metropolitan area, we prepared a performance in Seoul with better accessibility. As a result, there was a greater response from music industry professionals compared to the Gyeonggi Gwangju performance. We will continue to promote the 2024 WASBE domestically and internationally in a manner befitting an international event.“

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