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Jeju Seogwipo Wind Orchestra

Date of Performance

07. 16(Tue) / 15:30 ~ 17:00


Mr. Dongho Lee

Band SNS


  • Korean Folk Songs from Jeju Island (13”00”)
    - Frank Ticheli
    1. Country Song(Iyahong) 
    2. The Forest Nymph and the Woodcutter(Kyehwa)
    3. Celebration on Halla Mountain(Nuhyoung Nahyoung) 
  • Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op.43 (24”00”)
    - Sergeï Rachmaninoff / arr. Christian Janssen
  • Symphony N°3 "The Great Spirit“ (32”00”)
    - Ferrer Ferran
    1. Gaudi
    2. Lasagrada Familia

Jeju Seogwipo Wind Orchestra is the first public group of wind music run by a local government and has played an important role in making a great mark in history of Korean wind music since its foundation in 1998.

They have regularly performed on a yearly basis to enhance the cultural, artistic, and enjoyable rights of local residents who feel alienated from culture and arts. In recognition of these activities in 2010, they became the first performing group to win the Korea Wind Music Award and was praised for being an exemplary model that shows 100 years‘ history of Korean wind music.

In addition, they are actively participating in not only the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival or APBDA, but also other festivals held in Japan and China as cultural envoys on behalf of Jeju Island. Furthermore, it has continuously been growing by releasing songs representing Jeju and collaborating with world-famous conductors and performers.

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