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William Kinne


William Kinne is an Assistant Professor of Music and the Director of Bands at the University of Southern Maine Osher School of Music, where he conducts the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Portland Youth Wind Ensemble. Dr. Kinne also teaches undergraduate courses on conducting and music education and leads the graduate program in wind conducting.


In addition to his duties at USM, Dr. Kinne is the conductor of the Casco Bay Wind Symphony, the premiere community band in the region. Before his appointment at USM, Dr. Kinne was the Associate Director of Bands at Northern Arizona University, where he directed concert and athletic bands and taught conducting.


Dr. Kinne’s career as a music educator spans a decade of teaching middle and high school instrumental music. Ensembles under his direction have earned praise for cross-disciplinary performances. He earned graduate degrees in conducting from the University of Michigan, the University of Colorado Boulder, and a bachelor of music education degree from the University of New Hampshire. His principal teachers were Allan McMurray, Donald McKinney, Michael Haithcock, and Andrew Boysen.

Unique Wind Band Works That Encourage Collaboration, Imagination, and Artistic Risk-Taking.

What has been your most memorable experience as an audience member? Could you describe the look of the venue, the sounds you heard, the scent and feeling in the air? Most importantly, how did you feel?
“The fourth wall” refers to the convention in the dramatic arts of separating the actors from directly interacting with their audience. More than ever, audience members long to feel connected to what is happening on stage. As conductors, we have the opportunity to program music that engages audiences beyond the traditional concert paradigm and breaks the fourth wall.
In this session, we will explore how five unique compositions led to cross-disciplinary collaborations or multi-sensory concert experiences beyond what is expected at a wind band concert. Each participant will receive an extensive list of works of varying difficulty that lend themselves to imaginative and collaborative projects.

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