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Gwangju-Gyeonggi, KOREA 2024 Introduction

The WASBE (World Association for Symphonic Band and Ensembles) was formed in the United Kingdom in 1981 for the purpose of international musical exchange and consists of conductors, composers, professors and more than 1,000 full members from about 50 member countries.

INTERNATIONAL WASBE CONFERENCE is held every two years by selecting the venue, and we strive to promote international cultural exchanges and culture and arts through various programs such as conferences, performances, exhibitions, and education.

※ Recent Hosts: Czech Republic (2022), Spain, The Netherlands, The United States, etc

Business Name : 20th INTERNATIONAL WASBE CONFERENCE Gwangju-Gyeonggi, KOREA 2024
Period : July 16(Tue) ~ 20(Sat), 2024

               ※The eve event is scheduled to take place on July 15
Location : Gwangju-Gyeonggi

                   (Namhansanseong Art Hall, Gonjiam Resort, Namhansanseong Fortress,

                   Cheongseok Park etc)
Contents : WASBE conferences, performances, exhibitions, seminars etc
Theme : Wild Flower
Participation Scale :

Participation in more than 100 music-related organizations and companies in more than 10 countries
    - 11 teams from the United States and Australia And many more countries will participate in the 

      main performance
    - More domestic and international music organizations will participate, including fringe 

      performances and seminars
Host : WASBE
Organizer : Gwangju City, Gwagju City Cultural Foundation

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