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Landesblasorchester Baden-Württemberg

Date of Performance

07. 19(Fri) / 20:00 ~ 21:30


Mr. Björn Bus

Band SNS


  • Earthen Echoes Unveiled (08”30”)
    - Mathias Wehr
  • Danse Satanique (10”30”)
    - Alexandre Kosmicki
  • Images (14”00”)
    - José Suñer-Oriola
  • Capriccio (14”00”)
    - Christiaan Janssen
  • A Brussels Requiem (16”25”)
    - Bert Appermont

Since its founding in 1978 by the Wind Band Association of Baden-Württemberg, the Baden-Württemberg Wind Orchestra (LBO) has presented itself as one of the most successful symphonic wind bands in Germany.

Their repertoire includes original compositions as well as transcriptions of classical works. Premieres of new works and performances in chamber music ensembles are also frequent elements of their program.

On four intensive weekends each year the band rehearses its upcoming concert program. Because of its high musical standards, the band has become one of the most sought-after orchestras with its performance opportunities for highly qualified and dedicated musicians.

The mission of the Baden-Württemberg Wind Orchestra (LBO) is to present original works for symphonic orchestras in an exemplary fashion and, by doing so, contributing to the development of this genre. At the same time, it aims to set a musical example to the many wind orchestras in the region by providing educational concerts with specially chosen themes.

The LBO always strives to expand the original literature for symphonic wind orchestras by commissioning compositions or holding composition competitions.
Numerous international awards, references and CD productions document the ongoing excellence of the orchestra. Its 85 musicians come primarily from all over Baden-Württemberg.

In 2005, the LBO won first prize in gold with distinction in the concert class at the World Music Contest (WMC) in Kerkrade, Netherlands. In the overall ranking, the Landesblasorchester with its principal conductor Isabelle Ruf-Weber placed fourth. In 2011, the orchestra won the second International Wind Orchestra Competition at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall with 99.5 points out of a possible 100.

In July 2015, the Landesblasorchester represented Germany and Europe at the WASBE World Conference in San José, California, making its largest trip since the orchestra's founding. In May 2016, the LBO placed fourth at the European Championship (ECWO) for Wind Orchestras in Utrecht, Netherlands. The orchestra celebrated its greatest success again at the WMC in Kerkrade in July 2017: with 96 points, the LBO was runner-up in the world championships with the highest score ever achieved by a German orchestra.

Once again, the Baden-Württemberg Wind Orchestra will perform the final concert of the renowned Innsbruck Promenade Concerts in July 2023 and looks forward to further participation as Europe's representative at the WASBE Conference in Gwangiu, South Korea in 2024.

The LBO website and recordings you will find detailled information about the orchestra, its history, concerts and also a comprehensive list of recordings on our website

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