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National Chaiyi University Department of Music Wind Orchestra

Date of Performance

07. 17(Wed) / 15:10 ~ 16:00


Mr. David Shih-Wei Lin


National ChiaYi University Department of Music Wind Orchestra was formerly known as the ChiaYi Teachers’ College Department of Music Education Wind Orchestra. After the college was restructured to be a university in 2000, Liang Yu-Ling, first chairwoman of National ChiaYi University Department of Music has listed Wind Orchestra and its following performances as highlight of the Department. With vigorous promotion the conductors throughout the years, especially the current conductor Lin, Shih-Wei and Deputy principal Liu, Rong-Yi, the wind orchestra not only been awarded at the National Student Competition of Music for three consecutive years, but also been invited to perform at the WASBE and the closing concert of ChiaYi City International Band Festival since 2007.

The wind orchestra has been an active member of the wind music community in Taiwan. In addition of working with other university wind orchestras , it regularly collaborates with renowned musicians locally and globally. The wind orchestra even shine brightly on the global stage. It won the silver prize at the Singapore International Band Festival in 2012, and performed in Japan with a sister school in 2007. It even dedicated a show at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2014, as on invitation. The wind orchestra has worked with a number of solo performers, and these experiences are inspirational. Such performers include James Thompson, Ka-Hing Fung, Takeshi Hidaka, Chien-Ying Yang, Kei Ito and You-Lun Lin.

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