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Brooklyn Wind Symphony

Date of Performance

07. 20(Sat) / 11:00 ~ 12:30


Mr. Jeff W. Ball

Band SNS


  • The Low-Down Brown Get-Down (14”00”)
    - Omar Thomas
  • Borrowed Scenery "Dadohae“ (08”00”)
    - Kang Han-Moi
  • Storm Chasers : Timpani Concert (18”00”)
    - Catherine Likhuta

    1. Supercell
    2. Bittersweet

    3. Early Warning System

  • Metropolis 1927 (15”00”)
    - Peter Graham
  • Un Cafecito (07”00”)
    - Dennis Llinás
  • Mont Fuji (10”00”)
    - Toshio Mashima
Mission Statement

The Brooklyn Wind Symphony is a select, all-volunteer ensemble dedicated to high-quality music making. We promote lifelong participation in music by providing a diverse yet like-minded group of advanced instrumentalists the opportunity to play the most esteemed repertoire for symphonic wind ensembles. We increase public awareness of symphonic wind ensembles and the literature written for them through commissioning new works by talented composers and by acting as an arts advocate in major venues in New York City and beyond.


Our members come from all professions and walks of life; some of our seats are filled by alumni of the Grand Street Campus High Schools, from which the band took its original name. BKWS fills a huge void for symphonic wind ensembles in the New York City area. Along with our emphasis on musicianship, we take pride in being a social, friendly group that encourages community values and gives our participants the opportunity to play together at the highest level.

BKWS’s efforts continue to surprise and delight both musicians and audiences, while keeping classical music alive and well within the Brooklyn community and beyond. In addition to presenting our regular series at Grand Street High School, we have participated in Columbia University’s Festival of Winds, DCINY’s Lincoln Center Concert Series, Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College and the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL.

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